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Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Inspired Way to Thank

First, I am using this Head of Christ because it resembles one that was given to me as a reward at St. Charles and hung in my bedroom and it was one of those pictures where Christ always seemed to be looking at me. Now I know that Jesus is not only able to see me, but that we are united and so I rejoice in the fact that I am never without God, God's love, and God's help!
I woke up yesterday and felt inspired and want to pass this on to you as it is a great way to express gratitude. Someone very generously sent me a book that will be very valuable in my research and I woke up trying to think of a way to thank her for this really great gift. I had the idea of making a bookmark that is now in the book so that every time I go to the book I can begin with a little prayer asking God to bless her and her family and to "inflame us all with the love of the Heart of Jesus." I just wonder why I have not thought of something like this before as I am a compulsive reader and usually have bookmarks in several books that I am reading - I can say a short prayer each time I open the book!! I am sorry that I never had the inspiration to make bookmarks to remind me to pray but, of course, I have often used a prayer for a bookmark - anyway, I am happy with this help for prayer!!
I am trying to prepare a class for the Spiritual Direction Formation Program at St. Thomas University for this Monday night. I began the Program in 1987 and taught it for years; I am just so happy that it is able to continue with a new coordinator for the three years. I am to talk on the  Art of Contemplative Listening and so spent some time this morning deciding on an outline and some contemplative listening exercises. Now I am off to grocery shop as we will be having our Provincial and a team member visiting with us this week and I made an offer to cook a dinner for our area and guests for Tuesday night and now must plan a bit for that. I cannot imagine ever being bored or not having a thousand things to do.
Mostly I am grateful for the health to do all that I do and to continue to be useful to others.
Here are a couple of quotes from St. Madeleine Sophie for reflection today- both on humility:
"Meekness and humility must become our virtues. They must be engraved in us. They must circulate through our veins. We will never be wholly united to the Heart of Jesus, as deep as He wants, if we do not have in ours the attration to and the practice of humility. I would like it tatooed on me with a stylus of fire."

"May you all belong to God and your attitudes be built on humility which is the virtue most dear to the Heart of Jesus."

Those are strong quotes. I think a grateful heart is a humble heart and that humble people are grateful people.

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