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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snow Scene in Canada

As the storm hits the northeast and continues to cause loss of power, flooding, and even snow, we pray for all those suffering from its effects. Florida had damage because of the flooding due to full moon, higher tides, and the hurricane all combining to wreck havoc on our coast, but we missed the strength of a hurricane and I think God has heard the prayer that is said at every Mass at St. Thomas the Apostle where we ask protection from storms.
Thinking about Canada, I suspect they are used to heavy snows and long winters. I am finding that I really know so little about our neighboring country and have a desire to learn more. Maybe I will write to one of my RSCJ friends in Canada to get more information to share here.
As for a more spiritual reflection for today, I can only quote from Ilia Delio's "Ten Evenings With God" as I have finished it and now will no doubt need to go through it a second time. The second evening is on Prayer. She says:

"Prayer is about God and our relationship with God....We long for God because we are created by God and this longing is both the source of our hope in God and the very thing we resist. Prayer is an awakening to the fact that the fulfillment of my life lies in God."
"God delights in creation and loves each of us with a personal love. Prayer, therefore, is God's desire to breathe in me, to be the spirit of my life, to draw me into the fullness of life. When I pray-- when I breathe with God-- I become part of the intimacy of God's life."

May we all find time for prayer and really be part of the intimacy of God's life! I suspect we are and do not know this. God is closer to the real me than I am to myself!

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