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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back to the Blog and full of Joy!

It has been a bit more than a two week vacation from my blog! I did arrive home on Wednesday night after a wonderful two weeks in St. Louis, but I only had time to unpack before I went to the University on Thursday. We had our reflection group that night and yesterday I tried to get through pages of e-mail and a large pile of snail mail. However, I am really glad to be back on the blog and able to chat with all of you.
The trip was a wonderful experience and I felt that God was with me every minute making all things work out so everyone said that our 60th reunion from Maryville exceeded our expectations. Having the use of the cottage behind our school in St. Louis made a big difference. Five of us who went to New Orleans together as Freshmen in 1949 were able to stay there and host all the St. Louis alums from our class at a real "hen" party on Thursday evening. (I may have to explain what a hen party is to modern readers - it means we only ask women)
On Friday we sat around and talked and caught up with each other until it was time to go to the President's Reception at Maryville University. That and the luncheon, Mass and class dinner on Saturday were better than ever and we had two large round tables at the luncheon - good for the class of 1952 as many  have gone to God. On Sunday, some of us went for a wonderful tour of St. Philippine's room, the shrine, and background history of the convent before going to lunch together. It was all just fun and we did enjoy each other so much. I guess we also realized that this may be the last time many of us will see each other and so that made our time together special.
After that, a couple of us stayed in the cottage until Wednesday and visited one who was in a nursing home and the husband of another and had more time for talking; then I said good-bye to the last and rented a car for the week so I could go work in the archives. I stayed at two different communities in St. Louis which was fun as I was able to be with more Religious of the Sacred Heart. I was able to get quite a bit of research done and hope to start writing maybe even today!!
I only touched a computer once during the two weeks!! Now, I shall begin reflections tomorrow and need to say that I have kept my gratitude journal everyday and it has been so easy!
Here is a quote for the day:
The decisive moment in each life comes when we understand that what matters is not our love for God, but rather God's unconditional love for each one of us." (Helen McLaughlin RSCJ, 1981)

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