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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interior Spirit

I gave a class at the University last night on "The Art of Contemplative Listening" and that has led me to think of some quotes to share with you from St. Madeleine Sophie on "interior spirit"- I think the Holy Spirit made this connection for me. Sophie said many things about how necessary interior spirit was for each of us. I am going to give you a few of the quotes that are not the ones most quoted from her but they are speaking to me today:

Interior spirit - "It is the intimate union of our souls with God."

"An interior person, concentrated in Him whom she loves, makes of God her life, her good, her all."

"Interior life is the first need of our heart and only God's glory and the zeal for souls should distract us from it; even in the midst of external work, we should be attracted to union with Him. Thus, whatever we do will be sealed by his grace and we will be able to communicate to others the Spirit of God that we possess."

"Interior persons are the most joyful..."

 Let us all pray to become interior persons!

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