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Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn has arrived!

Miami really does not have four seasons and I miss the changing color of the trees and the raking of leaves; it was cool enough before I left St. Louis to have the trees suddenly display their gorgeous colors.
I am going to share with you the thought that keeps coming back to me since my retreat and that is how really amazing it is that Jesus is with me always and wants to be with me; He is present, He is concerned about me; He loves me. And, of course, He is just as present to each one I know and He loves each of us unconditionally and wants to be with us. He waits for us to turn to Him. He desires our attention. And what can I do for Jesus? I guess it is mostly to allow Him to love me and to try to give His love to others. Let us thank Him for wanting to sit with us each day and ask Him to inflame our hearts with gratitude and love!
Happy Feast of St. Teresa!

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