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Monday, October 29, 2012

Canada, we love you!

Yesterday we had a lovely prayer service via PowerPoint and then a teleconference for the entire United States Province and Canada. We are definitely merging with Canada and may be one Province by next July. I am very happy about this and so glad that I did at least visit Halifax one summer. I would love to go back and really get to know their beautiful country and have had that desire for some summers. I did visit Toronto one year and also Vancouver, but have always wanted to ride the train across Canada. I am afraid it is too expensive, but at least now we will have our Canadian Sisters closer to us when we are one Province. The Canadians were novices with us so I do know some and then several have been coming to our meetings or visiting and that has been so helpful for all of us. I believe there are only about 19 left in their Province so the merger will take place with only a small ripple among us, but I am so happy about this.
I will be using some Canadian scenes in my blog this week. I should also add the link to their website. The first foundations in Canada were all made from the United States and they love Reverend Mother Hardey as we do.

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