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Monday, October 22, 2012

"the best is always hidden"

Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Reverend Mother Stuart in 1914 and here is a quote from her posted by Margaret Wilson:

"We ourselves know the best and worst of ourselves, and others know the middle...the part that shows. It ought to increase our reverence for each other very much when we think that however much good we see in others the best is always hidden." Janet Stuart

Janet Stuart was a Religious of the Sacred Heart who lived out charism and influence many as Mistress of Novices, as Vicar of England, and as Mother General. She gave us a wonderful example by her life and her writings of what a Sacred Heart educator could be and the good that we can do even today as we follow her in fidelity to God in all things. She is a real model for us. I am always amazed at the amount of work she was able to accomplish even while traveling around the world visiting our convents. She wrote so many wonderful letters, plays, poems, and books. She managed to find time for reading and profited even if it was just five minutes. I have read "The Life and Letters of Mother Janet Erskine Stuart" countless times and always find new things to admire about her and new inspiration for my own life.

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