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Thursday, October 18, 2012

I am reading Ilia Delia's "Ten Evenings With God" and finding it a helpful book; her "The Emergent Christ" and the earlier book, "The Evolution of Christ" were deep, transforming books for me as Ilia combines her  knowledge of religion and science, but "Ten Evenings With God" is, at least so far, an easy read with my pen underlining a great many sentences as I read about prayer, desire, and the need for our relationship with God to be so deep and intimate that we know what God wants us to choose. I am liking the book, but only have read less than a third of it. She is going to speak at a Spirituality Forum we are having in California next July and I look forward to meeting her.
I was back at the gym yesterday and then to noon Mass and it felt good to be back into my normal schedule. I will be at the University for Mass and faith-sharing today.
Here are my quotes from St. Madeleine Sophie  to reflect on today:
"You will find everything in the Heart of Jesus opened for us, let us go to draw the strength and courage we need."

"You may be perfectly sure that you will find in the Heart of Jesus an inexhaustible spring of strength, grace, comfort."

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