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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kindness gives us peace and joy

I have just written a thank you note to a dear friend who went out of the way to shop for, buy, and send a gift she knew I wanted for my community. I then remembered so many acts of kindness through the years. It only takes a few minutes sometimes to do something kind; sometimes we are spontaneously kind to each other and look for ways to give joy; at other times, it requires effort and thought on our part but it is well worth the trouble. I do not forget the many kind words, deeds, and attentions that I have received. Now I am remembering so many and thanking again for them and praying for the kind person who befriended me. Sometimes it was just someone who took the time to listen to me; other times have been words of encouragement, acts of thoughtfulness, or just a hug.
We all need affection.
When I was a novice, there was a happy, holy older Religious in charge of the vestry who was there every afternoon in case a novice had a need such as extra handkerchiefs, or whatever. I used to go by to see her almost every afternoon. She would say to me in a cheerful voice, "Well, and what do you need today?" And I would answer, "Just a hug!" And she would give me a big hug (she was a big person as well as bighearted) and I would go on my way happy to have received this mark of love as I missed the affection that I had taken for granted at home. I often thought that she might have saved my vocation.
Let us find some way to show kindness to others today and feel God's peace and joy!

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