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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Joy of Discovery

I found this picture in my files under the title of "Joy of Discovery" - I suspect I may have named it and then forgotten what a lesson children teach us with their wonder and joy as they discover something new! I need to cultivate that same wonder and joy as I look around me and find so many new things in my life each day. I want to be able to thank for even the small things and feel wonder each time I look at the sky, a child, the ocean.

I went to a meeting up in north Hollywood this morning and thought I would go look at the ocean as I was really quite near and knew where I could find a parking place, too. However, I stayed in the house and found God in listening to others, even though the meeting did not really take place as scheduled. I find that friends give me such joy.
This afternoon I went to the door and found a package mailed to me by one of my friends and I was so touched. We have known each other since grade school and she heard me mention that I wanted to get a set of matching stainless steel place settings for my community and she went and bought us a whole set! I just feel grateful that she was so thoughtful as I never expected this gift. Sometimes God surprises me in so many lovely ways and I am sure that he does this for each of us.
May each of you be filled with wonder and gratitude. Then we will all rejoice in this beautiful world.

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