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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gratitude is a way of life

When I first started my gratitude journal, I had to stop to think about what I wanted to thank for after the day was over. Now, I have so many things to thank for that my pen just runs down an entire page when I look back on the previous day. I find myself beginning prayer by using my gratitude journal to thank for all that I received from the Lord the day before and then thank for all that is to happen today. I try to be very concrete and seldom have thanked for the same thing twice as I have so many things that make me want to show my gratitude in all that I do. I think it is becoming a way of life for me and being grateful seems to increase my joy.
Just to look at the picture above fills me with both gratitude and joy. Now that I am in Miami I realize how often I took the beautiful colors of autumn for granted! I guess that is true about so many things in my life so now I rejoice in being able to thank for them.

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