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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Retreat

How wonderful to have the Advent retreat fall on the eve of Advent!! I began this retreat about twenty-four years ago and it has always been the first Saturday in December, but this year the timing is great for helping us to begin Advent with a day devoted to prayer and reflection. I will tell you more about this after the retreat.

Here is something copied from the Advent retreat flyer - author unknown:

Down he came from up,
And in from out,
and here from there.
A long leap,
An incandescent fall
From magnificent
To naked, frail, small,
Through space,
Between stars,
Into our chill night air,
Shrunk, in infant grace,
To our damp, cramped
Earthy place
 Among all
The shivering sheep,
and now, after all,
there he lies,
fast asleep.


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