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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

One of my best memories is going caroling with the choir in seventh and eighth grade; we went all through our neighborhood and people would offer us Christmas cookies and then we would end with hot chocolate and more goodies at one of our homes. Actually, this was done before Christmas eve. Christmas eve was for family. I love to drive around now and listen to Christmas Carols on the radio in the car and visit some of the really spectacular Christmas displays. I think we are going to do that after we go to the 7:30 Mass this evening. Last night we had a lovely "Veilee" and then we had dinner together. Usually it is dark and we sit around and listen to Christmas readings and music with all the candles lit and the Christmas tree. The atmosphere is part of Christmas.
I wish you all a very blessed and merry Christmas! What will you give the Infant Jesus this year, and, even more important, what is His gift for you tonight?

Magnificat just sent this to me and I thought you also might like it:

Litany of Christmas Thanks

Response: Baby Jesus, we thank you.

For the Blessed Virgin Mary your Mother who said "Yes" to the angel. R/

For John the Baptist who leapt in the womb of Elizabeth his mother when you visited him in Mary. R/

For Joseph your foster father who trusted the angel instead of heeding his own doubts. R/

For the donkey that carried your expectant Mother to Bethlehem. R/

For the neighbor who led your holy family to the stable. R/

For the manger in which you were placed as if in the first tabernacle. R/

For the animals who were there in the first moments that you were adored. R/

For the angels and their song that led shepherds to your stable. R/

For the shepherds who worshiped you and then proclaimed the Good News like priests. R/

For Simeon who all his life had been waiting for you in the temple, longing to hold you. R/

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