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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Feast of the Holy Innocents

This is one of the readings that we had at our Christmas "Veilee" and I thought you might like it.

Christmas Poems
-          Patricia Rainier

There’s a little bit of Christmas
 In every face we meet.
And a little bit of Christmas
     In each new day we greet.
    There’s a little bit of Christmas
In all the deeds we do.
       And it really should be Christmas
                  Each day the whole year through
      For Christmas is the one true day
      We always give our best –
   The kindness, joy and happiness
    That always tops the rest.
It is the day we show our love
                To family, friends and strangers,
The day we celebrate the birth
                  Of the Child Who’s in the manger.
        So if Christmas wasn’t just one day,
But every day that’s new
         There’d be a LITTLE BIT OF CHRISTMAS
              Each day our whole lives through.

The children so recently shot come to mind as we celebrate the Holy Innocents.

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