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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Third Sunday of Advent

This is a Sunday full of joyful expectation. We are told to rejoice! Why? Because the Lord is near.
I was thinking about the families who lost children yesterday because of one person who decided to take the lives of innocent children. They cannot be feeling joy this Christmas.

I feel for all the children in that elementary school and pray that those who were not shot are able to regain their joy in Christmas. Perhaps the joy we have all felt as little children waiting for Santa will still be there for them.
And, on reflecting back when I was still waiting for Santa, I remember the joy of expectation and think that carries over to our waiting now for Jesus; He is coming and He loves us. I read today that "Joy is the leap of the heart at the encounter with one who loves us" - I am not sure I remember the quote as it was, but this is what stayed with me.
Let us pray for all those who are suffering today.

As for my Diamond Jubilee,  it was only my community, the campus minister at St. Thomas University who is also in charge of all the Archdiocesan Campus Ministry, Dr. Jim Conley and Claudia Herrera, another campus minister, who came with her husband and little girl. We had the Mass around the dining room table and everyone made their own sandwich afterwards. I renewed my vows and gave the "homily" - I had not expected that but just shared some of the joys of my life and the fact that the theme of the Third Sunday is joyful expectation of Christ's coming.  What a gift to have had 60 years as a vowed Religious in the Society of the Sacred Heart!

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