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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What did Mary feel during the first Advent?

I often try to be with Mary during Advent. I start with the Annunciation which must have been mind-blowing for her. She was given her vocation by an angel; she said "Yes" and life was never the same. I think she had such faith and confidence in God that she was peaceful deep down, but she had to have been worried about such an unusual conversation with an angel. Then she realizes that it is true and she is expecting a child and Joseph knows nothing about this. I suspect she did not know how to tell anyone and so goes to visit Elizabeth as the angel has also said that Elizabeth, in her old age, is now expecting a child.

It must have been a relief to find out that Elizabeth was also inspired by the Holy Spirit and greets her with the words we say in the Hail Mary: "Blessed art thou among women and blessed in the fruit of your womb." And the child in the womb of Elizabeth leaps for joy!

Take some time to be with Mary today and thank her for saying "yes" and reflect on what this must have meant for her and what it still means for us.
Mary always brings me to Jesus!

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