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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Waiting - a grace!

This morning I had to wait by the phone for a really long time. I had called the doctor's office early to get some results of tests and was told to call back; I did this and was asked to wait and the nurse would soon be there with the information. I waited and waited and thought of all that I had planned to do and here I was just waiting. Then I thought that I was doing what Advent is all about - slowing down and waiting - not doing but being! It made all the difference in the world and I am sure that the other waits these days will be grace-filled for me. I am just waiting so that means that I can concentrate on what is important in my inner life and let the outer life with my "to Do" lists just wait! I have discovered, at least for now, what a grace waiting can be! (I am still waiting on the results as the office finally told me that the nurse will call back).

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