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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day After Christmas

We never  have snow in Miami but we think of those who do and Christmas seems to be a time for a picture with snow. Snow is quiet, silent, and everyone stays in around a fire unless they are children who delight in playing in the snow. I am glad that I grew up with snow in the winter, but do not miss it now. We are invited out to lunch today and will be eating outside. How many can do that on December 26?

We had a lovely Christmas. We all prepared a pot roast dinner and had, of course, invited the other Religious in the area for dinner at 3:00. My community open stocking together in the morning and, of course, we have all gone to Mass together the night before. We play carols and one of us loves to bake and made delicious pecan pie!!
I guess it was a quiet Christmas but very nice. Now to clean up, thank for gifts and enjoy the holidays!!
I hope everyone is having a good Christmas in spite of so much bad news and especially the loss of so many lives, especially of all those children. That makes our Christmas one of prayer for those who are mourning and prayer for peace in our world.

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