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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A late Christmas present

Yesterday I received a late Christmas present that I think gave me so much pleasure because it was so thoughtful.
I now have a new flash drive that looks like a green Christmas light that lights up when in use and it holds all of my blogs since 2007 and has still lots of room!! I was so touched by both the thought and the time it took to copy all for me! I guess that was one of the joys of yesterday. I am trying to remember to thank for all the joys of each day, but not writing them all down. It was easy to keep my gratitude journal but I seem to have more trouble now with my new journal; it often just sits on the shelf. Yet, I know it helps me to journal.

I am still reading Ilia Delia's book on Compassion and it seems that everything else I am reading has the same message of loving God by loving others. "Love one another as I have loved you" is said to me by Jesus today and it is the only proof of loving God - love my own weakness so I can accept and love the weaknesses of others.

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