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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Rest

I am having a most leisurely Sunday. We do have an area meeting at five this afternoon but I have just been quite lazy today; I read the Sunday papers and then tried to finish a book as well as play some Scrabble and "Words with Friends" on my I-phone, but nothing was really work today. I guess this is a good way to spend Sunday. I usually seem to have something that needs to be done. Actually, I can think of several things I might have done, but just put off until tomorrow!
I liked the reading for this Sunday and feel that Jesus really announced His Mission in the Gospel when, after reading about how the poor are helped, the blind see, etc. He said that this had today been fulfilled. Because He was in his home town, no one could believe in Him. To me, this is really proof of how human Jesus was and how he had grown up seeming like other boys in the town. It must have hurt him to be rejected by those he had known all his life.

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