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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Coming of the Magi

The three wise men had followed the star with wonderful faith and courage. It was a long and difficult journey and then they had lost sight of the star and had to go and ask for help. I was thinking that their journey had to have been made at night so they could see the star. All of this has an application to our own spiritual journey. We need to keep on; I love the fact that they teach us to be alert first of all to see what God is calling us to - we are all on a journey and each is led by God. The wise men not only saw the star, they left there homes to follow it. We need not only to be attentive to God's call, but have the courage to follow it. After the uncertainty caused by losing sight of the star, their joy was greater when they again found it leading them to Jesus. They were happy to offer their gifts to the Infant and to acknowledge His kingship. Then they were warned to return by another route for no one encounters Christ and then returns by the same way. We are changed.
We had the custom of drawing "stars" - virtues really or maybe the fruits of the Spirit- on Epiphany. I shall prepare some for my community tomorrow and I am also adapting a tradition I found in a parish bulletin of going to each part of the home and saying a prayer to bless all the words and actions in that room during the year. I like the idea and so will do this with my community.
We had to take down all our Chrisstmas decorations this morning but I still have my little Infant Jesus in my room and a picture of a little child piping a song of joy to the Infant and will keep them out until February 2. We are still playing Christmas music.

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