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Monday, January 28, 2013

Planning Summer

It seems strange to be planning for the summer in January! However, I was told that the plane ticket to San Francisco was not going to get cheaper and would no doubt go up before summer so I bought my ticket to San Francisco with the connection to San Diego and flying home from there. Then I registered for a retreat at my favorite place right on the Pacific ocean in Santa Cruz. Villa Maria del Mar is run by the Sisters of the Holy Names and I have been going there for retreat for over twenty years; with the rise in price, I did not go for retreat the last two summers, but this year I am making a retreat given by a Jesuit from July 17-24 and I have also registered for the Sacred Heart Spirituality Forum which is from July 10-14. I am happy to have all this settled so early. I will now work on saving my money for summer expenses.
Today is the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas and we had a good homily but now I cannot remember much of it. I do know that I love going to Mass after the hour at the gym; some things just feel "right" - I love that and wish I always had the same feeling. I do find myself sensing God's Presence in my day and that is a grace for which I am most grateful.

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