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Monday, January 14, 2013

What do I consider the greatest graces of the past year"

I have been asking myself in prayer about what I consider the most significant graces of the past year; how have I seen God's action in my life? We usually reflect on questions like this to prepare for a short sharing at the Quad Area meeting each January. The four areas - Miami, Grand Coteau, New Orleans, and Houston- have been meeting on Martin Luther King's week end for years just to share what is most important in our lives. Last year we did not meet as we had Province workshops and the Provincial Assembly and so we skipped our meeting and look forward to it this year.
Now, as we are limited in time, what do I really want to share? I am thinking that I found the Psalm from the Concord Pastor's blog that was given to me by my retreat director, has been one of the greatest graces of my year. I begin my prayer thinking "What an amazing grace that Jesus chooses to sit here with me..." I guess it is even more amazing to realize that God is always with me and with everyone and everything! The most transforming book I have read last year was Ilia Delio's "The Emergent Christ" as it made me realize that whatever I do is helping or hindering the evolution of the Cosmic Christ. I have also been enjoying her other books. The third grace is perhaps harder to explain but it has made a big difference in my life. My addiction to playing Scrabble on my Kindle is what keeps me so conscious of this grace. It seems that whenever a word does not work out where I want to play it, I find another spot that is so much better and more valuable; well, that is what I see happening in my own life. Something does not work out the way I had planned or hoped and God shows me a much better way and one that is worth so much more.
Well, now I have shared with you again what is going on in my life - this sharing, which sometimes means I am putting my soul out there for all to read- has also been a grace for me during the past year. I sit down at the computer and the Holy Spirit takes over; at least I think it is the Spirit who inspires the words that seem to flow without my knowing from where they are coming.
I am more convinced than ever that blogging can be a real ministry.
I guess I also want to share about my keeping a gratitude journal for several months last year and now trying to concentrate on joy.

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