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Monday, May 6, 2013

Ascension Thursday now on Sunday

The big feast to prepare for this week is Ascension; except for six dioceses in the United States, the feast is now celebrated on Sunday. I am sure I will still be praying around noon on Thursday as that was the tradition when I was at boarding school. It was a Holy Day of Obligation so we did not have classes but all gathered in the chapel to pray and sing in French the "Beau Ciel" at noon;  I would remind my readers that the Concord Pastor's blog (link found on the right in my blog) has five wonderful and varied commentaries on the next Sunday's readings. Just click on the Bible and up they come. In the meantime, let us reflect on what we want to say to Jesus before He ascends.
We moved our Chapel on Saturday morning to give the big room with two windows to one of our community. It was quite a job as we had so many books to decide on what we would take to the new chapel  - we have two chairs so it can still be used for Spiritual Direction but when I see someone in the evening it will need to be in my room as the Chapel is now next to the family room. I loved having the Chapel next to my room, but the important thing is that we do have a Chapel.

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