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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday after Pentecost

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The Holy Father in a homily last week asked those present if they prayed to the Holy Spirit every day.  It made me think of how we always prayed to the Holy Spirit before class at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. I suspect we said the prayer with greater fervor on the mornings we had a test. My problem is that I cannot remember all of that prayer now. (I am not good at remembering vocal prayers except for the Memorare which I love and recite often, especially in the car).
To continue today with some thoughts from the meditation in "Following in the Footsteps of Jesus" by Jose Pagola, he prayes "Come Spirit of Truth, and make us walk in the truth of Jesus."
That might be enough to reflect on today. What does that mean for me?

There are so many feast coming up that we may have spiritual indigestion trying to contemplate the riches of each. For the Society of the Sacred Heart,  we have the feast of our Mother Foundress, St. Madeleine Sophie, on May 25,  followed by Trinity Sunday where we celebrate all three Persons in one God. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us to enter into the meaning and celebration of these feasts. Saint. Madeleine Sophie wanted to live her whole life under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit! The next week brings us the Feast of Corpus Christi when we celebrate the great gift of the Eucharist and then, on June 7, we have the Feast of the Sacred Heart.
Pope Francis asks us in his homily on Pentecose to reflect on three words: newness, harmony, and mission.
The Pope also said, speaking of 'newness" and trusting the Holy Spirit:
"The newness which God brings into our life is something that actually brings fulfillment, that gives true joy, true serenity, because God loves us and desires only our good. Let us ask ourselves: Are we open to “God’s surprises”? Or are we closed and fearful before the newness of the Holy Spirit? Do we have the courage to strike out along the new paths which God’s newness sets before us, or do we resist, ....?"

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