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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reaching Out to Others

Our vocation calls for a going down deep into the Heart of Jesus and then going out to others with His Love.
Our present Holy Father is certainly stressing the fact that we must be like Jesus and go out and find those in need. I am thinking of the many ways we have to do this just by sitting at a computer. I will be 82 this Friday and do not have the same amount of energy I used to have, but I can still be present to others in so many ways. I have friends who live alone; some have no immediate family. They appreciate a handwritten note and it is easy for me to write to them as I want to stay in touch. Others can be reached by e-mail. I am sure all of us have friends who love to hear from us so we need to make time to pick up the pen or phone and just let others know that they are loved.

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