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Monday, May 27, 2013

Some sayings of St. Madeleine Sophie - Memorial Day

My favorite quotation of St. Madeleine Sophie is "Be simple, be humble, and bring joy to others." I have that one framed on my desk!

Here are a few more as she had a real love for the Holy Spirit: "Holy Spirit, in giving us knowledge of the Father and the Son, make us also aware of your divine presence; then all will be easy in the service of God."

"We all need great fidelity and much courage to carry out the demands of the Holy Spirit. Train yourself in this fidelity and dependence on the Spirit of God. This is the way of holiness."

"Only try to be generous and faithful; the Holy Spirit will do her work in you."

"Remain in peace, and remember the words of the Holy Spirit: 'To those who love God, all things work together for their good.'"

I think I will stop here and reflect on how true it is that all things work together for good - sometimes we need just to stop and thank the Holy Spirit for being present to us at all times.

The first picture above was taken when St. Madeleine Sophie was being moved from Jette to Paris.

Happy Memorial Day - Let us pray for all those who have given their lives for our country and for all those who are suffering from the experience today: those returning wounded, those who are now depressed and unable to return to normal life with their families... it is a holiday but one that is to be a remembrance for all of us and urges us to pray for peace for our world.

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