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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"The solitude of His Heart is a crushing reality..."

Sometimes one phrase will speak to me so powerfully that it influences my spirituality. When a novice, I had a bookmark that said "The solitude of His Heart is a crushing reality." The quote comes from a Circular Letter of Reverend Mother de Lescure to the Society in 1949. I am called to descend into the depths of the Heart of Jesus and people His solitude. As I have no doubt confessed before in this blog, I thought just entering the Society would make me so united to Jesus that I would be thinking of Him at least during all my free moments. I soon realized that this does not just happen but is a lifetime of learning how to stay with Jesus each day.
I have an image that helps me to enter into quiet prayer: I dive down into a quiet pool and enter the cleft in the rock and there I am in His Heart surrounded by love. I know that my desire to be with Jesus at least in part was influenced by that bookmark!

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