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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Dawn on Mother's Day has me remembering the many ways my mother expressed her love for us. Now she is celebrating this day with Jesus in Heaven. My mother had a faith that really did have the power to move mountains. She loved Our Lady and I rejoice that she is with her, too, to celebrate Mother's Day. My Dad and one brother are there, too. I guess a mother is one of God's greatest gifts to most of us. I think my Mom was special and she loved us unconditionally; she showed me what God's love is like by her love.Today is a day to thank her again for all she taught me. She always said, "Love others and they will love you." You could not help loving my mother who was always so welcoming, thoughtful, generous, and kind. I suspect I could keep on rather indefinitely as I think she also had all the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit!
I pray for all mothers today.

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