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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie

Every foundress becomes a mother to her many daughters and watches over each with love. I firmly believe that. I have had at least two exceptional experiences of St. Madeleine Sophie that I am willing to share today. When I first was sent to Chile, without knowing any Spanish, I had a dream and Sophie came to me and we talked. I felt that she gave me spiritual direction in the dream and left me with great peace and joy even if I do not remember what she said to me. I felt her love, her interest, her closeness and this has stayed with me all these years.
The next experience was at Jette where I sat next to the body of our Saintly Mother and had a dialogue with her. She was so present and looked so calm and alive as she spoke with me. It was a real grace and I am sure she arranged it; the day I went to visit, no one else was in the Chapel. I just pulled up a little chair and sat next to Sophie and we talked. I had often had "Little Words", as we used to call it, with her, but this was very special. Then I went to Rome and read all of her letters in chronological order while doing my dissertation research on her spirituality. I have much to thank her for in my life.
Here is a quote to reflect on today:
“The Holy Spirit looks for a heart totally free of selfishness in order to take possession of it.
When the Spirit finds such openness, she pours herself out plentifully and rewards the person with boundless love.”

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