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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"A joy not shared is incomplete."

"A joy not shared is incomplete" is the first sentence in a meditation by Robert Morneau in the fifth week of Easter. He says that joy is experienced through the mystery of love. He also speaks of the intimacy of writing being deepened when the subject matter is our life in God, our participation in the mystery of holiness. There is much joy here.
This made me reflect on how seldom I really am able or even try to write of my life in God. He suggests that we write someone "of the joy of life with God." I think I have tried sometimes to write of the joy of life with God. I know that God loves me and that is the source of my joy. He knows me and He loves me. I cannot deserve or earn love; it is a gift and God has given me this gift of his eternal, unconditional love and having that conviction no matter what is a deep joy for me. I think prayer is a joy for me as I go to be loved by God. When I feel myself in the Heart of Jesus surrounded by love, I feel deep peace and joy. It is also a joy to know that God is always present to me. It is a mystery but I know that I am in God and God is in me - I guess I should be overflowing with joy all the time. It helps to keep things in perspective as I am prone to let little things upset me. Well, I do want to try to write a few notes today and maybe try to write of the joy of life with God. Looking for daily joys is a good practice for the month of May and one that I think will please both Jesus and Mary.

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