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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring and Eastertide go together

During my twenty wonderful years in Chile, I had to celebrate Easter when we were getting ready for cold weather and Christmas came as summer began. In my mind I connect Easter with spring and with new life.
And new buds on the trees, spring flowers, and flowering peach trees as we had three of those in our backyard and they were so beautiful. They were Japanese peach trees and a gorgeous pink!

I read something of St. Catharine of Siena"s yesterday and will share a bit with you. I have studied her but must have missed this particular meditation that was chosen on her feast to be the meditation of the day in the Magnificat. I like what she says (remember that she is a fourteenth century mystic) and will copy a few of her sentences here.

"Abandon yourself for him, learning from this Jesus who in order to give you the life of grace gave up his bodily life. And as a sign of his generosity he opened up his whole self by creating a bath within his open side after he had died, to show us his love. Do you want to live in security? Then hide yourself withing this side and see that you are never found outside this 0pened heart--though once you enter, you will discover such joy and sweetness that you will never want to leave...."

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