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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Computer is Wanting Me to Upgrade for more speed...

Since I am impatient with the slowness of the computer, you have two snow scenes to contemplate today. I am still on "stillness" and slowing down, so why do I not accept that my computer has also slowed down? Yesterday, as I hurried to leave the gym to make it to church, I found myself sitting in traffic and not moving.
I decided that this was the Lord slowing me down. This morning, I tried to write this blog before going to the University and the computer was so slow I could not do it. However, I have just made a huge taco salad for our reflection group and so think that I can sit at the computer for a moment. I was struck by the Gospel for next Sunday referring to us as sheep and the Lord knows each of us. I like this thought as I often feel that only God really knows us and the wonder is that He not only knows us but loves us.

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