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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Tragedy Affects All of Us

As part of Boston seems to be completely locked down while the manhunt continues, I am thinking of how this is affecting everyone and how the effects of the bombing will remain with many of us for many days and weeks and more, especially for those in Boston. My prayer is for all those who are suffering both from the physical injuries and from the mental anguish.

It is past the middle of April and the paper is talking about more snow storms in the north and roads that were dangerous in other states because of ice and sleet. I love this snow scene because it is so peaceful and hope you will find some stillness in just gazing at it.

We had a good discussion last night in our Reflection Group. I woke up thinking of how we are all one, yet very different. I love the idea that I am connected with all and need to love them as God loves me. I am reading a book about a man who is struggling in his married life; he has two young daughters so is trying to stay married but has built a cabin in the woods for his family hoping it will help bring them together. The picture above reminded me of the book that I am reading at night - sort of a story of a man's search for happiness.

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