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Monday, April 8, 2013

Finding the Presence of Jesus in our Lives

We need to keep finding the presence of Jesus in our daily lives. Nothing is more important. I bought the little book by Jose Pagola, "Following in the Footsteps of Jesus: Meditations on the Gospels for Year A" and he mentions in his Introduction that "the life of the church would be transformed if believers, Christian couples, priests, religious, bishops and educators would make the Gospels their bedside book." That may be true, but I suggest that we all read his book, "Jesus: An Historical Approximation" to really make the Gospels come alive for us. I am adding both books to the list of spiritual reading on the right side of the blog.

I have other books to add, too. I am reading a new book by Ilia Delio, "The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution, and the Power of Love." You remember how much I enjoyed her book on "The Emergent Christ" after I got through the first two chapters. I think I had to read it three times before I really grasped all the consequences of what she was writing about - how everything I do helps or hinders the evolution of the world. That is a powerful book. Much easier to read and enjoy is her "Ten Evenings With God" and her "Compassion: Living in the Spirit of St. Francis" which I loved. The new book looks to be dense but worth the effort to grasp her thought. I find I need to stop often to think about what she says.

Now, I am also taking a little vacation from my blog as I go to Omaha for the National Meeting of the Associated Alumni of the Sacred Heart on Tuesday morning and only return on Sunday so no blog between April 9-15. In the meantime, let us look for the Presence of Jesus in our lives and try to be like Jesus in our daily lives!

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