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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"The things of the heart can't be explained..."

You may have missed what the Holy Father said at the juvenile prison after washing the feet of the twelve young people, boys and girls on Holy Thursday. Here it is:
"I thank you, boys and girls, for welcoming me today; I am happy to be with you. Go forward (avanti), eh? And don't let yourselves be robbed of hope, don't let yourselves lose hope! You understand? With hope always, let's go forward! Thank you.
Then a young man in the crowd said, "Thank you for coming today, Father. But I want to know one thing: why did you come here to Casal del Marmo today? That's all."
Pope Francis replied: "It's something that came from my heart; I just felt it. Where are those who perhaps could help me more to be humble, to be a servant as a bishop must be. So I thought, I asked: "Where are people who might like a visit?" And they told me, "Casal del Marmo, maybe." And since they said it, here I came. But it really just came from my heart. The things of the heart can't be explained, they just come.
Thanks, eh!
I need to say goodbye now. Thank you so much for your welcome. Pray for me and don't lose hope. Always go forward! Thanks a lot!

The things of the heart can't be explained, they just come. Let us reflect on this today!!

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