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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Early memories

When I was little, there was a woods within walking distance of my home. My great-uncle Jim retired to come back to St. Louis and be near me. That is what I was always told, but he also was near his sister, a brother, and my mother was his favorite niece. He lived in a hotel and came to our house every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; he would arrive mid-afternoon and take over the care of me and afterwards my sister and brothers until dinner and then stay and visit with my Dad. They would listen to the radio and then Uncle Jim would go home around 10:30. This was his life for years. What started this memory of one of the most loving persons I have known, is that Uncle Jim would take me for walks in the woods. I was forbidden to go there by myself and I loved the paths under the trees. Sometimes we would take our red wagon, especially when my baby sister would be with us as she could not walk very far. Uncle Jim would pull us and tell us fairy tales. He was a wonderful man and I am sure he has a special place in heaven.

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