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Monday, April 29, 2013

Who is most important in your life and why?

Who is the most important person in your life and why? I guess at different times in our life we all might have varied answers...I guess the "why" is the important part of the question. Is it because of the love of the other person for me? I suspect it usually will be and so I am asking you to reflect on the love Jesus has for each of us. No one loves us with infinite love. He gave us the others in our lives who love or have loved us. He is always with us and loving us and so I know Jesus is the most important person in my life. Unfortunately, I do not always seem to remember this and act on it. I think it is not easy to let Jesus love us. It should be, but I know I have found it difficult to accept such deep and constant unconditional love!
Now, loving Jesus means first letting Him love us; then it means that we are to love as He loves us! How am I doing this in the concrete?
That is enough to reflect on for today.But it is also the feast of St. Catharine of Siena.

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