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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yesterday, after scheduling a blog for today, tragedy struck with two bombs in Boston killing and injuring over a hundred persons. It was such a shock and horrible to watch the replays on television, but it also made me think that I read about bombings in other parts of the world everyday almost and never feel the same heart-rending emotion as I did watching those in Boston being rushed to hospitals. I read two of the blogs on my blog and would ask you to do the same to pray for all involved in this act of terrorism. Cardinal Timothy Dolan spoke for the Bishops and ended by saying:

The growing culture of violence in our world and even in our country calls for both wise security measures by government officials and an examination by all of us to see what we can personally do to enhance peace and respect for one another in our world. In the wake of the tragedy, the Boston church circulated this image on its social-media sites....

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