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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jesus Still Walks With Us

I think that the days after Easter are times when Jesus keeps coming to us in many ways. Sometimes it is a phone call or letter or just an encounter with a friend; at other times it is a sense of presence that makes us feel loved and cherished. I guess I find these days happy ones as I am more conscious of the Presence of Jesus who really wants us to enjoy life!

Here is a blessing that we used for one of my community and I think worth reflecting on:

May the Word of God always be heard from your lips
as you unfold for others the mystery of Christ at work within you,
doing immeasurable more than you can ask or imagine.

May your heart be a fountain of the unfailing waters of salvation.
May your love be as free as the waving of your hands,
and your hope a plaid of many colors.

May your heart see its shores undivided.
May those you see, the pain you feel,
the doubt, the fears of tomorrow speak to you every day
of the God who accompanies you each day.

May the beautiful things you see along the road of life
get up and join you on your journey,
and may the god of the journey
bless you every step along the way. Amen

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