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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Canadian Tulips Give Joy!

I heard the news of the capture of the suspected bomber after a biblical lecture last night. That was a motive for joy for all! This picture is a motive of joy for me as it takes me to God. The excellent lecture by a wonderful speaker from Yale Divinity School last night was on Resurrection after Death. I assure you it is still a mystery! I say in the creed that I believe in the resurrection of the body but have no idea what that really means. I am finding that more and more of life is a mystery because we cannot understand God.
I am reading another one of Ilia Delio's books, The Humility of God: A Franciscan Perspective, and find myself underlining so much of the first chapter as she says things that are worth reflecting on and so here is a quote:

"God is a mystery of humble love. It is a mystery that you cannot reason or try to figure out. You must simply live in the mystery.....Silence is a language God can speak without being constantly interrupted because God is a mystery of incomprehensible love, and love speaks for itself."

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