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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Is Really Here

Easter-tide is such a joyful time! The beauty of nature adds to our joy. Most of all, I think that this season is supposed to be a happy one as Jesus is appearing to us and revealing His Love in so many ways. We need to be on the lookout for the sudden and surprising ways Jesus comes to us during these days.

I left the gym today and found that a huge truck had parked next to me and I did not see how I was going to have room to back out of my parking place without scraping the mirror on the passenger side of the car. I also could not see if anything was coming as the truck was so huge and extended out too far. As I was trying to back out without much success, two men suddenly appeared and one even reached in through the driver's window and helped steer while the other gave motions to help us and kept the cars from both directions waiting so I could finally get out. These were certainly good Samaritans, but maybe it was Jesus getting me out of a situation that seemed impossible to me.

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