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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A New Day is Dawning...

I really feel that after Labor Day we are really having a new beginning. We have closed our accounts and need to begin a new budget for this year. Everyone is back to work or school after the summer and our calendars are filling up with meetings and appointments. It is time for me to start back to the gym, work hard on the book I am writing, and also prepare for several things I have promised to do. I did get about a dozen letters or notes off to people who are not on e-mail and with whom I try to keep up. That made me feel good and I also managed to clear out two of the three drawers in my desk. My mother was so neat and I really am orderly except with papers! My resolution this month is just to throw away so many things that I have either put in a file and forgotten about or things I know I do not need to keep any longer.
My spiritual reflection this morning is on Mary and inspired by Joan Chittister's article in the NCR - she shows us Mary as a very courageous and strong woman. Mary questioned the angel at the moment of the Annunciation; she then went off to see Elizabeth without telling Joseph anything. Later, she will point out the lack of wine at the wedding feast to Jesus and then just tell the servants to do whatever He tells them. This is not the picture we sometimes have of Mary being passive. I am thinking of her as being a strong influence on Jesus as any mother would be.

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