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Friday, September 13, 2013

Really getting to know Jesus

Our reflection group met last night; twelve were present for dinner, prayer, and reflection. Five were absent because of serious reasons. Our discussion centered on Jesus, the historical Jesus, and how the book we are using, "Jesus: An Historical Approxiamation" by Jose Pagola, makes Jesus more real. We are getting the fruit of the last forty years of research into the historical Jesus and what it meant for him to be living in Galilee in the first century. Everyone seems to love the book, agree that it is easy to read, and love the footnotes. I am happy that the discussion was lively and I think everyone is looking forward to our next meeting. I began this group about seventeen years ago or more and just realized that I am the only one of the original group still coming. Some have moved away, some have died, and some are ill now and had to drop out. Still, we really have four or five new members and I feel that all appreciate the time we give to silent prayer after supper and before the discussion. To sit in silence with others and enter into the depth of God's Heart is such a grace!
This is my reflection this morning. I am praying over the many graces received and thanking God for them!

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