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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good News

We are to go out and give the good news! I think that just knowing that God loves us and delights in us is good news. I think that we need to emphasize the good in our lives every day as the news is always so full of bad news. Being grateful for the good things that are in life makes us happy. We have so much to thank for each day! I am grateful for relationships. Tonight we begin our reflection group again and I look forward to greeting about a dozen; two will be new to me and to the group so we will begin with some sharing of our lives, prayer, and then discussion of the first section of "Jesus: An Historical Approximation" which is the book we will be using all year and maybe part of next year.
I also go to the University today for my faculty faith-sharing group and we begin with prayer and then share on next Sunday's Gospel. This is always life-giving for me. I usually go early for the noon Mass and have time to get to the library or to greet old friends before we meet at two o'clock. Then home to buy groceries and make a taco salad for the reflection group!

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