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Friday, September 20, 2013

Good-bye to a saint

This is not the picture I thought I was pulling up today but it is interesting to see bare trees as Miami is so green. Most of our trees just push out new leaves but never are bare! What a wonder the way nature can do so many different things!
I am late today as I was at the Cathedral for the funeral of an Italian Sister, Lucia Ceccotti,  who founded the Mariaon Center which is right next door to St. Thomas University. She was one of the holiest and wisest persons I have ever known. She came with other sisters of St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo, from Italy and was the only one who spoke English and none of them had ever been on an airplane. It was 1963 and she started the first Catholic school for the developmentally disabled in the Southeastern United States. I got to know her and she asked me to speak to her Sisters and she always came with all of them to the Advent retreat that I started at St. Thomas University. She was a real pioneer and I am going to pray to her to help me write the life of Lucile Mathevon! Archbishop Wenski celebrated with about two dozen priests present and the pews full of so many who had known and loved her.

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