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Sunday, September 15, 2013

God loves us

God really does love us no matter what we do; He made us and each of us is unique and loved by God.
Jesus told three different parables to make sure that we grasp the fact that God rejoices when the lost is found. It may seem crazy to leave an entire flock to go after one lost lamb, but Jesus tells us that He is the Good Shepherd and he seeks what is lost and then carries the lost lamb home tenderly and rejoices! He describes the joy of the woman who has lost a coin, something precious to her as it was not easy to have the coins necessary to pay the tax; she searches and sweeps the whole house until she finds it and then she rejoices; the final and longest parable tells of the father who has two sons. He agrees to give his younger son his inheritance and lets him go away; the son spends the money and ends up destitute. He is so hungry and miserable that he resolves to return to his father and ask pardon and wants only to be accepted as a servant in the household. In the meantime, the father has been longing for his lost son and looking for him each day. When he finally sees him coming, he rushes out to embrace his son, and calls for the servants to bring a ring and fine clothes and to kill the fatted calf for they must rejoice and celebrate the return of his lost son.
Let us all remember that God rejoices when we turn to him and admit our sins and weaknesses. He waits for us with love. I think the other son did not understand his father's love and therefore could not rejoice.

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