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Monday, September 16, 2013

A rainy Monday morning

A new week has begun. We had a busy week end with our final budget meeting on Saturday, an area meeting with a teleconference afterwards yesterday and, of course, some football. I decided to just wash clothes and work in my room today; I should be on my way to the gym now but it is just a day to stay home and be happy that I am retired and not facing a fifty-mile trip to the University on a rainy day! We has quite a storm last night with huge bolts of lightning. I hope the homeless had some shelter. Miami has so many homeless downtown that stay on the streets and resist being moved. I think we do not have enough beds in the shelters we do have and most neighborhoods resist allowing a shelter to open. I am glad so many of the churches take turns going around to give out sandwiches on different nights to our homeless. Still, it says something to me that with the wealth that exists in the United States we have not been able to solve the problems of so many who are forced to live on the streets or choose to live there for many reasons.
On a more spiritual note, let me share a few quotations from St. Madeleine Sophie to begin our week:
Deliver yourself to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit; make yourself as a tool that offers no resistance to the handling of the artisan.

We cannot change our character, it is true, as easily as we change our clothes. It is the work of a lifetime. It is achieved with the grace of God and constant effort

The work of interior transformation is necessary in order to become a fitting instrument in God’s hands, to work for God’s glory.

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