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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

O ye of little faith...

Jesus sent his disciples off and went up the mountain to pray after dismissing the crowds. He saw the storm coming and knew that his friends were out in it. Then, those frightened fishermen saw Jesus coming to them walking on the water. That made them even more afraid, but Peter called out to Jesus and said that if it was really Jesus then he wanted him to call him to come to him. Jesus did and Peter actually got out of the boat and started across the water to Jesus. Unfortunately, I guess he took his eyes off of Jesus and saw only the angry waves and lost his confidence and began to sink. Jesus immediately stretched out his hand and then reproached him for his lack of faith. (This is rather off the top of my head without the Gospel in front of me but I think I have it right!) The point is that sometimes we, too, are feeling that we are out in a stormy sea; Jesus comes to us and we need only to put our trust in him. Remember, he loves us and is all-powerful so we need not worry or be afraid. I guess I am reflecting on this today because I am remembering how Jesus said to me so clearly, "Fear not; it is I" - I actually heard these words that Jesus also said to his disciples. It was a grace and often it comes to me when I begin to be fearful. I think this whole situation with Syria has made me feel that we are in a storm and need Jesus. Let us trust him and keep our eyes on him.

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