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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What a gift Labor Day Was

It rained and we were all home and just enjoying a day with no set agenda, no meetings, time to watch the tennis matches or read or just be. I hope all have enjoyed the long week end. I was thinking that we forget that we need time to just be. Then I looked at my September calendar that thought that I seem to be filling it up and need to remind myself that I am supposed to be retired!! It is a question of enjoying all the things I have promised to do- then it is work that is fruitful, life-giving, and can be done with joy.
I have taken up my gratitude journal again and find it makes a huge difference in my life to consciously thank God for the many gifts of each day. I really suggest that all join me in this spiritual exercise that also gives joy!

I woke up in the middle of the night and kept thinking about the Mother of Jesus who is also our mother. I realized that I have always thought of her as just a bit older than I - first when I prayed to Mater at school, and then as I grew up. Mater also seemed to get older with me as she had the wisdom to guide me, but she was also close enough in age to be a real friend. I just realized how my image of Mary seems to change over the years.

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